4" 100mm 40 Grit Blue Cubic Zirconia Flap Wheels 10pc

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100mm 4inch Blue Cubic Zirconia Convex T29 Flap Disc
Blue Cubic Zirconia Convex T29 Flap Disc

Our 4” flap wheels are a market leading product which are precision manufactured to meet strict trade requirements.

Our high density, high quality blue cubic zirconia flap wheels ensure a long life as well as a fast and stable performance. Here in our Sydney based facility we have undertaken testing for years to develop an ultra long-lasting yet affordable flap wheel.

Our flap wheels use a premium grade cubic zirconia which increases productivity by rapidly removing excess material compared to others on the market who use a lower grade brown aluminium oxide which perishes quicker and wears unevenly.

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72 segments ultra long lifetime
made from premium grade blue cubic zirconia, increases productivirt by rapidly removing excess material
extremely stable, super low vibration
smooth blends on corned welds
for more aggressive grinding, t29 conical shape grind at steeper angles
choose the grit to suit your job: 40#, 60#, 80#


  • • 72 Segments for and ultra long lifetime
  • • Extremely stable
  • • Low vibration
  • • Suitable for all metals


  • Item number: SW2180 / SW2181 / SW2182

  • Number of Tabs: 72 segments

  • Disc Size: 100mm (4")

  • Bore Size: 16mm (5/8")

  • Shape: T29 Conical (Convex)

  • Intended Use: All Metals

  • Maximum RPM: 15,200 RPM

  • Grit:

  • #80 grit (SW2182): Fine

  • #60 grit (SW2181): Medium

  • #40 grit (SW2180): Coarse


  • MPA12192

  • EN12413

Brand Swarts Tools
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